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-319 CE: Nacal Ashkir, at the behest of Daskar Tundan, begins to lead the Yibri people from Somalia and into southern Africa.

-326 CE: The Yibri arrive at the site that will eventually become Nacala. The first Rabbi's council is held and Nacal Ashkir is chosen to lead the people as King of Yibram.

-340 CE: In Yibram, King Bahdoon Ashkir names their capital city, Nacala, after his father. He also establishes the kingdom's first laws, including that of the electoral Rabbi's Council.

-Approx. 375-400 CE: Most of the area surrounding Nacala is brought under the rule of Yibram by King Absame Jeyte.

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-417 CE: The first Yibri fleets, sent by King Loko Olwa, arrive in India.

-418 CE: The Yibri trade fleets continue their journey and arrive in Tarumangara.

-470 CE: Yibram begins settlement of Madagascar, angering local tribes who soon unite into the Kingdom of Madagascar.

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-515 CE: Under King Mursal the Merchant, Yibri trade fleets arrive in China for the first time.

-531 CE: The Kingdom of Madagascar is conquered by the Kingdom of Yibram under King Shido Jeyte. Madagascar's Feather King is beheaded and bejeweled, the adorned head sold at an auction.